The A Team

Meet The Team

Clinic Director

David Fung | BSC, RFMT

David Fung, M.Sc, RMFT, brings a wealth of knowledge to his practice with over 20 years of clinical experience. A background in systemic/postmodern psychotherapy, and attachment-based therapy enables David to act as a “change agent” to help others work towards their full potential. He’s on the faculty of The Okanagan Learning Circle Institute for Family Therapy, is a charter director of The Learning Circle in Family Therapy, and has worked with The Neufeld Institute. He currently serves as a Board Member of the British Columbia Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Through his extensive experience in a wide range of fields, he’s developed a passion for working tirelessly to serve others and create lasting relationships.

Therapist, Brain-Based Coach

Jennifer Buhrmann | MSW, RSW

Jennifer has a 20-year history in counselling and mental health, Jennifer utilizes cognitive behavioural, solution-focused and positive psychology approaches. She brings her authentic self and genuineness to every client she encounters. This creates a speed of trust, giving clients a comfort to reveal their stories and allow an openness that facilitates deep meaningful conversations. She believes the focus needs to be on building and revealing people’s strengths versus fixing their weaknesses. Everyone has the capacity and energy to truly thrive. As a ‘Brain-Based’ coach, she will help you discover new insights and inspiration to achieve your life dreams.

Over the years, she facilitated and designed anxiety, depression and insomnia groups. She acted as the provincial FRIENDS trainer, collaborating with Dr Lynn Miller. She holds a MSW from UBC and a Coaching certificate from the NeuroLeadership Institute.

Family Therapist

Ellen Maniago | MSC, RCC

Ellen’s warm, calm and welcoming approach in helping people who are experiencing complex family and individual difficulties, gives her the platform in guiding people towards life change. Ellen holds a Masters Degree in couple and family therapy from the department of family studies She has been professionally counselling for more than 16 years.

Ellen’s counselling style includes working from a developmental and systematic perspective. She believes that families are the cornerstones of society and is passionate about assisting families in strengthening family bonds and relationships. She has developed many professional skills over the years including eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) for PTSD, emotionally focused couples therapy, and mindfulness to reduce stress. She is also a child specialist working with families dealing with the transition of separation, divorce and assisting them in developing a positive parenting plan.

cheryl molenaar

Personal and Professional Coach

Cheryl Molenaar | CPCC, CDWF

Cheryl Molenaar is an inspiring, intuitive leader who uses humour & authenticity to move people and organizations into a place of purpose and fulfillment. She has a contagious passion to help others discover their unique strengths, identify obstacles and discover motivating strategies to achieve goals that matter. She believes every person has potential because every person matters. She partners with clients to see them maximize their potential with clarity, action and purpose. She received her training as a Certified Professional Coactive Coach from CTI, an industry leader and ICF accredited program. She is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. Cheryl is also certified in Emotional Intelligence (EQI 2.0). She has over 20 years of experience as a leader in the non-profit sector.

Master Therapist and Transformation Coach

Diane Power-Jeans | MSW, RSW, DDCA, ICADC

Diane comes to Third Space with all the heart, humour, and richness of her native Newfoundland. She is committed to helping clients live their best lives, placing the highest value on health, happiness & relationships, with a particular focus on mindfulness.

Diane brings with her 28 years of experience as a Master Therapist, with specialized knowledge & training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Psycho-Educational Groups for Parents, and Addictions Counselling. She uses this expertise to help clients transform into their best selves, Body, Mind and Spirit.

Diane is Registered with the British Columbia College of Social Workers and is an Internationally Certified Alcohol & Drug Counsellor.

Faith Specialist

Ed Weiss | PhD

Ed has been working as a counsellor, international speaker and minister for over 30 years. With a master’s degree in theology, and both a second master’s degree and PhD in counselling, his academic qualifications are exemplary. Ed’s community contributions are unparalleled as he’s demonstrated through his establishment of “The House”, an event space geared toward youth. He has worked extensively as a counsellor with Reach Out Youth and aims to help individuals of all ages. Ed’s counselling style is transparent, as he offers his own journey and personal struggles to those who are experiencing struggles of their own. His warm heart and ability to compassionately communicate allows Ed to instantly establish a friendship with anyone who meets him.

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Calista Ward | MD, MA, RCC

Calista is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with an M.D. She offers client’s more than just remarkable qualifications and a warm, welcoming environment. She provides effective strategies and perceptive insights developed from over 15 years of experience. She is able to relate with ease to others and help make them feel comfortable. She is skilled in listening to clients, evaluating their situation, and developing a treatment plan that will meet with success. Her knowledge of medical factors that may be influencing a client’s condition is an important component of her expertise. Her medical training has equipped her to be aware of the physiological factors that are present in many psychological conditions, such as stress, anxiety, and eating disorders. She offers a unique position to develop treatment plans that meet your needs in a holistic way while keeping you at the center.

Professional Development Strategist

Ron Shlitt

Ron is the President and CEO of The Stronger Group Corp, the certified StandOutTM Facilitator for the Marcus Buckingham Company and a Certified Performance Coach within the Gallup Organization. His wide range of practise has given him the experience necessary to provide leadership throughout all levels of an organization. Over the last 25 years he’s developed his trade by working with every human demographic imaginable, in order to guide individuals in their search for a well-balanced life. His time spent with both non-profit and government organizations have given him a broad based perspective on various personalities. Ron has a passion for seeing potential in people turned into greatness and loves to help make it happen.

Associate Counsellor

Marv Penner

Marv is a veteran people-helper who’s been working with couples, families and individuals for over 40 years. He’s an ordained minister with a Masters in Marriage and Family Counselling. Marv’s doctoral degree focused on researching the marital dynamics of sexual abuse recovery. With 25 years of college teaching and over half a dozen published books in his portfolio, Marv is the foremost expert in treating young adults in trouble. He now travels globally to train others to work with young people and their families. As well, he teaches as a guest lecturer at colleges and seminaries. Marv’s infectious personality and tireless dedication to community service is a truly positive addition to not only Third Space but also the Okanagan in general.