Where It All Started

The Story

In 2011, Ken Stober left a thriving construction and real-estate development company to pursue his passion of helping people and non-profits make the world a better place. Ken started collaborating with a group of like-minded professionals of what it would look like to create a one stop wellness center around the vibe of a community based coffee shop. Scott Lanigan, Tracey Bennett, Ed Weiss, and Ron Schlitt formed the early group and the ThirdSpace Culture soon began to take shape.

A core value of its founder, was that Third needed to be a sustainable non- profit organism where 100% of its profits would be reinvested into its core services of counselling, coaching and chaplaincy. To this end investors are invited to participate in the vision to bring wholeness to as many people as possible. Third Culture is truly your non-profit where 100% of every dollar invested goes directly to the work of placing function back into a world of dysfunction.

Our staff is absolutely passionate about human relationships, human potential and human wholeness. We believe that each individual has been created for destiny; to believe that tomorrow can be better than today, for intimacy; the need to love and be loved and meaning; the longing to make sense of life.

If you resonate with our vision to impact humanity we invite you to please help us create a world where everyone can experience faith, hope and purpose. Connect, collaborate or invest in the life change that is Third Space Culture.